35-Year-Old Man Held Hostage In Pre-School


There was a comedian at the Tomorrow Show — name was Kyle Kinane — who said something like, “When I get into a debate with someone with a lip piercing, I figure… well, if you made that mistake, why should I listen to anything you say?”

Along those lines, if you haven’t solved something important… like the problem of mankind’s corporeal mortality, or that we have to play the mundane and illusory socio-economic game that is modern survival, or that we are required to reduce an entire planet of happy little life forms to food and afterwards shit them out… it pretty much invalidates whatever philosophy you preach.

Over a Hundred Billion Humans have been created and will probably be destroyed. And most of them never realize they are only cells in a larger Organism that they can’t see or understand. After a short time, they reproduce, try their best to pass on their knowledge, and die.

It’s fun to point at the other cells and believe “that guy is the conspiracy, not me.” But from outer space, we’re not all that different from each other. (So don’t get too excited about how enlightened you are, because the aliens might not even be able to distinguish Joel Bauer from The Chosen One. I know I can’t.)

Maybe we really are just silly Sneetches.

To the universe, the earth might be a concrete, steel, plastic, sodium, and carbon monoxide factory, getting ready to ship its product. And maybe all we’re doing is arguing over the fastest way to get there.

Can we learn to enjoy our ride through space, while working in this factory? Is that the point of it all? Should we narrow our focus to the context of gossip, entertainment, and sports to distract us from The Question? Give up and take some medication? Pretend we don’t know this is all a joke? Pretend we think the Monopoly money is real?

Or should we keep searching for something bigger than our imagination?

Because we know it’s there.


5 thoughts on “35-Year-Old Man Held Hostage In Pre-School

  1. After a large storm, a boy noted that thousands upon thousands of starfish were washed up upon the shore. He began the task of picking them up one at a time and throwing them back into the water. A man came upon him, and asked him ” Why do you bother? There are thousands and thousands over miles and miles of beach. The few you save makes no real difference”. To this, the boy replied “To the ones I save it makes all of the difference in the world”. perhaps the answer to your rhetorical question is so elusive because you are asking the wrong question. We probably should not so much concern ourselves with leaving a lasting indelable mark on the universe as we should concern ourselves with making small changes in the lives of those around us. The rest of those cells are our environment, and I would rather be surrounded by happy ones as opposed to bitter ones. I have found it takes little effort to make someone smile, if only for a few seconds.

  2. Today science tells us that life is just a complex state of matter that behaves in a funny way. Freewill is an illusion that keeps us going. We are only important to ourselves, not to the Universe because the Universe doesn’t give a sh*t about anything(especially about us). Just the fact that we die and don’t come back should be enough to realize that, but we can’t and honestly, we simply don’t want to. Evolution is powerful. We’ve been tricked and I want my money back.

  3. All of this information can be seen in a positive light. All this negativity is unnecessary.

    If the universe is vast and meaningless then conquering it is not what is ‘important’. importance is not a matter of scale but quality and truth.

    Truth may elude us forever but a lived in it’s pursuit is *beautiful.*

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