700 Dr. Zoltan Cassettes Stolen!


As many of you know, Dr. Zoltan offered his entire discography (192k mp3 files) for FREE DOWNLOAD last month. What Dr. Zoltan didn’t realize is that these were actually CASSETTE TAPES. Over 700 of them flew into the air and exploded. The entire warehouse burned to the ground, destroying several hand-painted Voice of Nothing T-shirts and a Wags napkin. 

View photos of the disaster here: http://www.drzoltan.com/contact.php

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you put a hole in a dog’s butt, visit http://www.drzoltan.com/blog. Or just run over green snake. What about that block? Do you like Elvis on MTV at 3am? }

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