9 Ways To Destroy The Music Industry by Dr. Zoltan!


9 Ways To Destroy The Music Industry
by Dr. Zoltan!

The obvious: there is simply no way to stop people from copying files and sharing them. Things that can be copied WILL be copied. If you do not want it copied, do not make it available. Period.

The concept of Copyrights is antiquated. Creative Commons is a more flexible alternative. http://www.creativecommons.com

Compact Discs and DVDs will soon be extinct. They are only physical containers destined for obsolescence. Creations that can be completely digitized will all be downloaded. Good news for the environment: no more wasted paper and plastic. Good news for the creators: no more manufacturing & printing overhead. Good news for the fans: immediate download.

With the extinction of physical media containers, the concept of “full-length” and “single” are useless. Temporal restrictions on creations no longer exist — a multimedia creation can be any length. Creators can move over to a subscription, donation, patron, and secondary collectible merchandise model.

It is no longer necessary for composers and musicians to book time at a recording studio and rush through ten songs. Composing, recording, editing, and mixing are now all one process. Creations can be made available to the audience immediately, directly from the creator.

With the progress of technology, creators must provide something that cannot simply be copied. The one thing that cannot be copied is personal interaction. Creators can provide customers with a custom, interactive experience. Take requests. Sell custom remixes and edits. With all of the tools immediately available, make the creative process a daily part of your business. Creations are no longer stagnant and set in stone — they can be modified and updated to keep the process dynamic.

The limited distribution veins for physical product now flow outside any pipeline/boundary. Distribution boundaries have always kept potential artists from finding out if there is an audience for their art. (Courtesy of Eman Laerton) The difficult process of searching for niche artists and audiences is over.

8.) LIVE
Rather than simply performing their music live in front of a rowdy crowd, creators can appear in-person at music stores and offer live, real-time dissections of their creations. Demonstrations. Q&A. Creators can offer for the fans to inspect the creation, right then and there. An excellent instructional tool!

With the availability of recording tools, most fans of music are (at the very least) amateur creators themselves. This increase of knowledge raises the bar for the professional creator, but also stimulates a higher demand for technical explanations and instructional clinics. Most fans are beginning to understand the vocabulary of the creative process, and want to be involved. This makes mass collaboration and fan participation a powerful option.

-Dr. Zoltan!

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