Are You An Introvert? Take This Test. 99% Accuracy.


Hooray! The answer is Yes!


Because you wanted to know. Extroverts don’t care!

(Well, sometimes they do. 1% of the time. But only because they want to know what’s wrong with you.)

So you don’t really need to wonder anymore. You don’t need to take all these Myers-Briggs personality tests. It’s the opposite of what Louis Armstrong said when he was asked what Jazz is. “If you gotta ask, you’ll never know.”

If you gotta ask, you already know!


P.S. My 10 Myths About Introverts has been read by over 1 MILLION people, so I know what I’m talking about. Also, that Frank Zappa image above is from my Business Lesson With Frank Zappa Cartoon. Someone else posted it on YouTube, not me.

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