Could One Spark Destroy The World?


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When we are born, each of us is given one, single job on this earth.

At the center of our souls we all have a tiny candle. Becoming an adult is taking over the responsibility for keeping that candle lit. Like a pilot light, it’s the source that all self-esteem, truth, and creativity ignite from.

It has a lot of names in mythology:

That little spark is powerful enough to compose a magnificent film score, produce a bland TV show, and maybe even destroy the world several times over. What you do with it is up to you (unless someone stops you, whether physically or financially).

One thing is for sure: you can drive yourself insane trying to keep someone else’s candle lit.

(And I’m not talking about helpless people who live under the oppression of a totalitarian state or have no access to food and clean water. I’m talking about people who simply don’t care. Why should you?)

In this society… unless they’re a child, the elderly, or mentally-handicapped, maybe it’s best to let the candle go out.

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One thought on “Could One Spark Destroy The World?

  1. “In this society… unless they’re a child, the elderly, or mentally-handicapped, maybe it’s best to let the candle go out.” This statement of yours saddened me a great deal, but you said ‘maybe’ so I’m glad that you understand and are open to the fact that it needn’t be so. It’s taken me long to come and comment because I can’t digest the idea of letting a candle go out and I had to comment after I could better explain why.

    As for ‘people who simply don’t care’, I think it’s just a facade(that they themselves may not be aware of) to hide the real deal- being scared of letting go of the skin they have grown so comfortable in, that they feel “safe” in-a label the world knows them by. What is needed is just a holding up of a mirror to their frustrations and assumed accepted bad life and a wee bit of tilting to show that this isn’t it.

    I believe and speak from whatever little experience I’ve had that such people haven’t really been exposed to ‘magical’ happenings and aren’t aware of so much beauty of the mystery around probably because they are too caught up in their own demons- that grew through childhood and were fed by discouragement and disapproval. The same would go for those who are too caught up in their own angels fed through constant encouragement and approval.

    Of course we can’t let the spark go out because we understand that all it takes is just one moment of willingness from their side that can come after they are gradually and patiently awakened to the awareness of the richness of this Universe through any/all of the arts.

    So, why should you care? Because, now that you can see and rejoice in the endless possibilities around; you just can’t hold it in- It’s like a need to share, to give back what you have received(No one is born with this awareness, we all gradually open up to it with varying speeds and catalysts) and what better way than to help others see it too? What else is there to do anyway? You are doing exactly that! Aren’t you?

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