What Do All Cult Leaders Have In Common?


Answer: They’re never wrong.

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5 thoughts on “What Do All Cult Leaders Have In Common?

  1. Of course there is a lot more than that they are never wrong …they isolate the flock from their family and friends, drain the followers of their bank accounts, rule with a sole authority that claims that they know the truth and no one else does and take advantage of people at every turn. It’s a shame ….there are so many more cults in the world than people are actually aware of. New ones are sprouting up all the time, sometimes in the guise of business seminars, or communes, or Yoga clinics. Many people aren’t even aware of when they are getting recruited – which is also a bit scary. Anyway … nice post.

  2. Oh ….and the great David Lynch is most certainly confused. And I really think he’s a one of a kind talent, but Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was such a money grubbing charlatan, that you really have to question Lynch’s artistic integrity when he is so easily swayed by such a nut. And I am a huge fan of meditation and chanting, but he is completely blinded by that guy.

    “Doctor” Phillip Berg and the financial giant that is The Kabbalah Center is another disgrace. These people like Berg and Hubbard just make this stuff up about themselves, that they are Phd’s and were wounded in war, and people just eat it up and except it as fact. Uggghhh ….sorry about this post ….I’ll stop ….I’m passionate against cults – writing a novel revolving around one, and I do a lot of research on these organizations and I get carried away. Again – keep up the good work – great post ….best – brian

  3. never wrong…in the subjective sense…and they lead (weak-minded/ignorant?) people to believe that everything that comes out of their mouths are objective truths…

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