Discovery: Link Between Insanity And Creativity


Discovery: Link Between Insanity And Creativity
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The work of Arnold M. Ludwig, M.D., professor of psychiatry at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine establishes A Link Between Insanity and Creativity.

Ludwig determined that a dominant pattern exists: the more a profession relies on mathematical, natural, formal and objective modes of expression, the lower the prevalence of mental illness in its members. The more a profession relies on subjective and introspective modes, the higher the rates of mental disturbance… On almost all measures of psychopathology, visual artists with emotive styles had a 75 percent lifetime prevalence of alcoholism, drug use and depression; symbolic artists had a 52 percent lifetime rate, and those with the most formal styles had a 22 percent rate.

It also applies to scientists:

Social scientists [sociologists, educators and philosophers] were almost twice as likely as hard scientists [mathematicians, physicists and biologists] to have a mental disorder, the study found.

The study, however, fails to reveal whether the mental disorders of the afflicted artists and scientists were socially acceptable at parties.

Regardless, this study is further evidence that it would be best if “The Normals” stayed away from art altogether. Humans who are emotionally stable should go away and not interfere with the painful creative process. Dr. Zoltan will be focusing more on this important topic in the near future. Stay intonated!

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