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I’m not an Earthling. I’m more interested in those personal experiences that tell me there is something else beyond business, mathematics, and survival. You can call it God or Ghosts or Aliens, but I believe that as soon as you assign a word to it, it vanishes. I’d rather keep the door open. Why not leave it undefined? It’s not ready to tell me what it is. Maybe I’m never supposed to know.

Art is one way for me to connect with The Beyond. When I listen to the song Ki by Devin Townsend, I don’t hear it in the language of music theory. I don’t know what the chords and scales are. There’s no verse, no chorus, no bridge. It takes me back to my initial sense of wonder about music… like I’m being lifted into another dimension, full of mystical beings shouting majestic gibberish at me.

It’s why every attempt to end the most interesting sci-fi TV shows has been a personal disaster for me. Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks, Lost. All ruined. Why? Because Earthlings think the mysteries need to be explained.

I’d rather know that The Cylons, The Man From Another Place, and The Dharma Initiative are still out there, doing their strange work.

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3 thoughts on “Do Not Open!

  1. Science and all the progress which has accompanied it, has yet to provide a satisfying answer to any of reality’s most fundamental mysteries. One of which being the nature of consciousness. This may not seem comforting. Take comfort in knowing there is no plan. That’s really whats driving it, what am i ? and what is this? Its a constant mystery. In the light of the mystery of being, solutions should be displaced from the central role that they have had on social organization, and mysteries, irreducible mysteries, should be put in their place. The universe may not only be stranger than we suppose, it may be stranger than we can suppose, and i suggest to you as we look back at human history, every pinnacle of civilization has believed it was in possession of an accurate description of the cosmos and of mans relationship to it. But here’s another way to look at it. Today at school Amber had this brand new shirt that said girls rule and boys drool and I was all like, yea i wish i had that, then at lunch Chad sat by Lisa which was way uncool, because we had a pact. He only did it because she died her hair blond, ugh. My life sucks.

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! It’s posts like these that get me soaring through the sky!!! Oh and Ki reminded me of John Cage’s work. This one pulls at me the most, so far (from whatever little I have managed to listen to)
    Do write about your experience with John Cage when you can and wish to. Looking forward.
    PS: I got keen on J.C. after I read about his performance called 4’33”. There are video clips on youtube re-enacting the performance but that just defeats the purpose. I’m sure Cage would agree.

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