Does This Dialogue Sound Contrived?


That’s because it is.

If you look closely enough, everything sucks.

Analogies fail. Equal temperament is inherently dissonant. Rebecca Romijn wears makeup.

Congratulations! Your keen observational skills have made it impossible to enjoy anything.

Here’s a shocker: Art isn’t How To Tell The Truth Through Mathematics.

Why treat it that way? It’s selected, edited, trimmed, tweaked, re-contextualized. Artists are liars. If you focus on the materials the fantasy is made of, you’ve missed the point.

Don’t stand so close to that painting. Stop being so analytical. Get out of the way and let your subconscious (probably the larger part of yourself) enjoy the show.

“When you’re a child, something as simple as a tree doesn’t make sense. You see it in the distance and it looks small, but as you go closer, it seems to grow — you haven’t got a handle on the rules when you’re a child. We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experienced is a narrowing of the imagination.” -David Lynch

Remember how great movies were when you were eight?

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One thought on “Does This Dialogue Sound Contrived?

  1. I had an instructor in college who used to say (paraphrasing):

    “The question isn’t whether or not a film is contrived, because they ALL are. The question is: is it EFFECTIVELY contrived?”

    I agree, and I think this applies to all creations that are the product of willed intent.

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