Dr. Zoltan Offers Digital Downloads of "Emily Dickinson EP" For Reviewers


Dr. Zoltan is offering a Free Download of his latest Digital-Only album, “Emily Dickinson Kindly Stops For Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors EP” in return for REVIEWS.


1.) Email a cleverly-written, one-sentence proposal to Dr. Zoltan: drzoltan@drzoltan.com.
2.) Include a link to (or explanation of) the place where you will publish your review of the album. (Acceptable places include: Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal, Geocities, your own domain, or any other feed or static page, including printed media or performances. Use any format you would like: audio, video, text, laser light show, tattoo, et cetera. The more creative, the better.)

Dr. Zoltan will select the TEN most-qualified candidates and email them a link to a .zip file containing the complete mp3 album at 192k bitrate. Once all of the reviews are created and posted, they will be published on www.drzoltan.com (and distributed to all of his aggravated distribution channels) with a link back to your original review / site.

Listen to an mp3 sample of the album here: http://www.mutantmall.com/mp3/mmm005-preview.mp3

Find out more about the album here: http://www.mutantmall.com/mmm005.php

-Dr. Zoltan!

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