Drummer Saves The Gig… By Ruining It?


Had this not happened, I imagine the audience would have fallen asleep.

Why is this video hilarious?

  • In contrast to the cheesy MC / front-man who is trying really hard to entertain the crowd, this drummer is a mega-talented entertainer. There’s no doubt he can get thunderous applause, no matter where he goes or what song he plays. The other musicians, who may as well not even be anywhere near a stage without him, try to do their job in the midst of the hurricane — and only serve the purpose of the comedy straight-man.
  • Despite the absurdity of this drummer’s over-the-top stick-twirling and goofing around, he doesn’t make a single mistake in four minutes. I don’t know any drummer who wouldn’t drop a stick or click on a rim under the same circumstances, and I’ve kinda worked with some good ones.
  • He doesn’t break character or laugh at any point, and actually builds intensity throughout his performance, like a fireworks show. There’s an arc here! What will he do next?
  • His performance is completely unexpected, and as I watch it, I imagine how the audience must have felt in the moment. Is it a prank? Did he do it for revenge? Can you feel the tension in the room? The MC / front-man doesn’t even seem to be in on the joke (even though he is), which makes it even better.
  • I instantly hate the corporate vibe, with those jackets and lame cover songs. I’m rooting for the drummer the entire time. I feel his pain and want to see him win. How many times have I wanted to do this same thing? (On second thought, how many times have I done the same thing? This guy is automatically my friend, and I’ve never even met him.)

This video will outrun any legitimate music video with the same musical content. Was it contrived by a clever director? Probably. If it wasn’t, it should have been.

It tells a story. It’s full of conflict. It sells itself.

If you can make a video like this, you will have no need for reading trendy books full of clichés like “Going Viral” and spamming your friends and harassing your entire address book until they buy your widget and force-feeding your boring music to innocent people and wondering why it doesn’t work.

Figure this out, and there will be no need for active marketing of any kind… only creativity.

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5 thoughts on “Drummer Saves The Gig… By Ruining It?

  1. Drummer’s name is Steve Moore, that band is basically his day job, and the stick twirls and stunts are the stuff he does all the time as part of his stage personality. His website is above.

  2. Somehow I was already friends with this guy on Facebook. I actually noticed he added me a few days ago, because he has the same name as my first boss.

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