Even David Lynch Is Confused?


With all of the smarmy mind-games and riddles and crossword puzzles that people spend their time and energy on every day, why not fix real problems?

We pay almost $100 Million a year so The Lakers can stick a basketball into a net, and watch it fall out the other side.

Solve a Rubik’s Cube. What’s the outcome? Nothing. Absolutely pointless.

If you have the time and discipline to reach Level 80 in World of Warcraft, you should be able to plug a hole in the bottom of the ocean.

The mental tasks required to graduate from high school should prepare you for solving any problem in the world. How much more difficult can it be than learning Algebra?

So let’s get to work.

Here are Six Things That Need Fixing:

  • The official story of September 11 still makes no sense. Coming up on 9 years, guys. Even David Lynch is confused. Let’s shut down Facebook, Google, Apple, YouTube, and TED — and dedicate those innovative freethinkers to answering some questions.
  • Ban personal automobiles from major cities. Switch to buses, trains, and bicycles. Replace Hummer Limos with rickshaws, pulled by joggers. See how easy it is to get to Santa Monica, now?
  • Shut down every fast food franchise in the country. Obesity kills millions of people a year.
  • “Let the products sell themselves. Fuck advertising, commercial psychology. Psychological methods to sell should be destroyed.” -D. Boon.
  • Deport all Republicans to Iraq, if they’re so obsessed with being there.
  • Get the Disclosure Project Witnesses in front of The President and Congress.

My dad used to joke, “I buy you books and send you to school, and you’re still stupid.”

He was right. What good is Mensa?

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3 thoughts on “Even David Lynch Is Confused?

  1. Lets say for some crazy reason our government was behind 9/11. Think about the size of that operation and all the people that would have to live with themselves being responsible for those deaths and keep quiet about it. It’d never happen, someone would speak up. Now think about the motives/craziness of these people spinning these facts to support their idea and holding onto loose BS like, “Should we pull it?”

    As for his questions, I believe…
    If you look at the hole in the twin towers before they fell, the hole itself seems smaller than the hole left in the pentagon. The speed at which the plane hit in Pennsylvania accounts for why it was so completely obliterated and apparently there was a lot of debris under the dirt as well. “Pull it” comment is ridiculous. If there was a cue to blow the charges it wouldn’t be by a NY fireman a few hundred yards away from the towers.

    And the only motive put out so far for our government to pull this kind of thing, is because they want the oil in the middle east. And our government could tell a lie akin to “weapons of mass destruction” to get us over there and slowly make that happen without a 9/11.

  2. Fun fact,It was the Rockefellers who built the twin towers, which David Rockefeller openly admits in his book, “Memoirs.” They then appointed the Port Authority to manage the towers. Then, “coincidentally,” David Rockefeller sold the towers to Silverstein just three months before 9/11.

  3. I think that Operation Northwoods has already demonstrated that the US government was considering a 9/11 style attack on itself as early as 1962.
    For me that is the concerning aspect – if in 1962 the government had drawn up plans to attack its own people to justify an invasion, in the early 80’s was covertly conducting the Iran-Contra affair and selling cocaine to its own people and for the past 50 years covering up JFK, what are they doing now that we don’t know about? Surely they’ve learned some lessons in how to keep these things quiet?

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