Facebook Is Big Brother.


The government does not need to install Video Cameras and Microphones that follow your every move — Apple, Myspace, AOL, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube have done a brilliant job of this! This should already be obvious to anyone following the re-birth of Fascism in the U.S., but this video is still quite effective. Social Networking? Let us call it by its true name: Social SURVEILLANCE.  

{ This post was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you started to believe that maybe it is important that 1984 was written, please visit http://www.drzoltan.com/blog. Or just move to Japan. }

3 thoughts on “Facebook Is Big Brother.

  1. They’ve always been able to get what ever info they needed, and if they can’t find it they make it up…Earth is facist, the spoils of high man on the totem pole make it so…now it’s just more convienient, or something….blah

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