Getting A Creative Gig


Here are five random ideas / principles for getting hired for a creative job / position. I’ve seen these happen a zillion times, and they’ve worked for me, too.

1.) A creative businessman won’t hire you for things you know, but for things you can figure out. Everything changes, and knowledge expires fast. Don’t focus on what you’ve already done. You’re not being hired to do your old job. Your resume is your epitaph.

2.) You don’t need to be the best, you just need to be good enough to achieve specific results. Think about all the well-paid dummies you’ve worked with over the years. Let go of the idealism, because it won’t help you. If true mastery was required, only about three-and-a-half people on the planet would have a job.

3.) Engage the creative executive on his own level. What problems is he having with the company / his team? Find out what The Central Problem is, address it, and you’ll already be working for him.

4.) Technical ability be damned. Having People Skills can be 10x more valuable than Technical Skills. Meaning: it can pay 10x as much. Why? Because it’s 10x harder to find and 10x harder to do. If you can’t creatively solve people problems, you will be a glorified mechanic chained to an assembly line for the rest of your life.

5.) Creative people hire their own weird friends first. Think long-term. Focus on making real, meaningful relationships with successful, creative people. Go to their home planet. Hang out with those who are infected with The Bug, and a creative career will eventually get sneezed on you.

And remember: be creative in your interview. Show them what you can do, right now.

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