Hidden In Plain Sight


In Atlas Shrugged, the world’s most important invention was abandoned to rust in a factory. No one recognized what it was, so it sat there for years, invisible to everyone.

Thoreau said:

“The works of the great poets have never yet been read by mankind, for only great poets can read them.”

Yesterday, I posted what I think was my most important blog entry. It wasn’t my own idea… it was something I read back in 2001 in a book called Good To Great by Jim Collins. The knowledge contained in that post could save people and companies incredible amounts of time, energy, and money.

I’ve gotten a stronger reaction out of Facebook updates about my low-class neighbors arguing. In almost 24 hours, my Jim Collins post received only one comment: “Good stuff.”

It’s been almost A DECADE since 100+ ex-military, scientists, and other government employees appeared at the National Press Club, willing to testify and share physical evidence in front of Congress that Extra-Terrestrials have been here, and that we have access to their technology.

If that happened, wouldn’t you want to know about it? I guess not.

Above my desk, I have a framed “blueprint” of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle, a hand-made copy of one of the pieces of evidence used in that presentation. No one even asks what it is.

Oh, and it’s been a year since Nano-Thermite was discovered in the dust of the WTC. Can you make it through 12 videos?

If you’re going to riot, at least make it about something more important than basketball.

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One thought on “Hidden In Plain Sight

  1. Interesting. I didn’t know about this nano-thermite thing, and will watch later. As for that alien stuff, well I’m interested in knowing more. I’m very skeptical of skeptics, but I try to keep an open mind. A lot of the logic behind the lack of conclusive and very public evidence has always led me to believe that no ‘contact’ has ever been made.

    I’ve read the Collins book. Its very good. I’m not sure if I agree with your conclusions. He did say to find the right people, but its also about taking the wrong people that you hire and making them right people, and how just firing them is often the wrong answer. Often, if you create the right organizational culture (different one than the ‘culture is stupid’), you can not only attract the right people, but create them as well.

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