How To Sell… Review In Spanish: "I Warned You."


Translated from the site, La Famosaland: Rock Download — translated from Spanish:

Paul K. Mavanu, known as Sir Millard Mulch or as Dr. Zoltan Obelisk, depending on the occasion and your mood, is a completely unknown musician who has published several albums that went completely undetected, but from day to day came with it under his arm, a triple album which together cover a little More than four hours of music. Not only that, the most impressive is the amount and variety of musicians accompanying Mulch on their adventure. So we have holdings of Virgil Donati (Planet X, Vai), Devin Towns (Strappin Young Lad), Nick D’Virgilio (Tears For Fears, Spock’s Beard), Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle), Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Chris Parsons (Estradasphere), Mark Critchley (Itch), Lale Larson (Electrocution 250), Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard), Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse), Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa, Zappa’s Universe, Fredrick Thordental), Larry Boothroyd (Victims Family ), Among others. 

The music, as it is a progressive rock with a great sense of humor with punk, metal, avant-garde and a series of intermediates that give us the feeling of listening to an Infomercial. Zappa definitely comes to mind when listening to this record. Anyway, a great work that is not taken very seriously herself. It is down to his approach. I warned you.

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