Lord of the Rings Remake?!


There are those who believe ideas are sacred — that once they are manifested as products and entered into The Marketing Mythology Archives, they become canon.

Some day, a friend will turn to you and say:

“They remade Lord of the Rings?! Why? Why would they ruin such a good movie?”

In this case, they will mean investors who moved money around and released a copy of a movie that is a copy of a book, hoping to earn a profit. It doesn’t need to be taken seriously as a work of art. If you criticize it, you will have already missed the point.

As if a karaoke version will forever ruin the original.

Distribution does not equal Immortality.

Think of all these bad movie remakes as nothing more than cover songs.

They serve the same purpose: familiar name, simple material, safe investment. Replace the original inspired performance with sterile midi tracks, ignore the artist’s original intent, leave out anything tricky or high-brow, and repeat the chorus 3,000 times until the drunk people fall over.

Take it a step further… give the drunk people microphones, let them sing.

It happened to music, why not movies, too?

Behold: Movieoke!

To find out where the movie industry is headed, always look to the music industry. All art forms eventually devolve to sell beer.

Even my blog did.

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  1. Hey there, im interested as using your music for my vlog videos, however i dont really have any money – especially not dollars as I live in the uk, if I credit your music at the end of? each video, with a link attached, would it be possible to use it? 🙂 x

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