Milk Is A Vegetable?


Standard Definition is no longer Standard. And we’ve already outgrown High Definition. EP is supposed to mean Extended Play. When are we going to stop using relative names for technology?

We only end up looking stupid.

Progressive Rock now means music from the ’70s. In the ’90s, Alternative became more popular than Pop. MTV Unplugged wasn’t unplugged, or we wouldn’t have been able to watch it. Jimmy Kimmel Live isn’t liveit’s shot in segments during the day in a studio.

Why are they called Conservatives if they waste resources? Why do Liberals want more laws and controls?

And if you’re a Vegetarian, that means you eat cheese? Galaxy Foods sells a line of products… Veggie Slices, Veggie Shreds, Veggie Topping. Someone in their marketing department obviously made a mistake. If I want a vegetable-based alternative to cheese slices, why would I buy a product made of milk?

“Wait a minute! How did this happen? We’re smarter than this.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi

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