Mohamed Atta’s Ex-Girlfriend In Venice, Florida


Quite possibly the strangest evidence in the 9/11 Mythology. 


1.) Why were the Islamic Extremist Suicide Pilots drinking alcohol and snorting cocaine in Venice, Florida? Aren’t those behaviors forbidden in Islam? Why fly a plane into a building for something you don’t really believe in?
2.) Would a Terrorist who wants to be buried on his right side, facing East, wearing three white pieces of cloth date a pink-haired stripper from Venice, Florida?
3.) Out of 4 million square miles of land in the United States, why was George W. Bush in Sarasota, Florida — 30 miles north of Venice, Florida — on the morning of 9/11?
4.) Are the real details behind 9/11 far more complex than the popular story?

According to Noam Chomsky, none of this matters anyway.

“If you look at a controlled scientific experiment, the same thing is true. When someone carries out a controlled scientific experiment at the best laboratories… at the end, there are lots of things that are unexplained. Funny coincidences, and this and that.”

…and with that, Chomsky has proven the invalidity of science and the unimportance of evidence. Now we know why it is better to spend $300 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY to occupy Iraq, instead of spending money to INVESTIGATE and EXPLAIN what happened on 9/11.

2 thoughts on “Mohamed Atta’s Ex-Girlfriend In Venice, Florida

  1. Atta used to “hang” out at the pier at Sharky’s and watch us ‘Island Anglers’ haul in sharks at night; him and a bunch of other middle Eastern croonies. Some were polite other just rude. He made many a visit to the “Clock” restuarant at that time run by another from the land of sand. No mystery here, it just was washed away with the out going tides…

  2. there are so many holes in the “official” 9-11 story it’s pathetic. the 2 major problems are the corporate propogandist media and American”acceptance” of their lies and omissions. everytime a 9-11 Truther is a guest on O’Reilly, Glen Beck, or Hannity & Colmes they are made a mockery of or shouted down. the typical american, trained to trust flag-waving “journalists”, buys right into their propoganda and perpetuates the cycle of misinformation. i can’t help but have even more disdain for the media and their covering-up of the truth, than the actual perpotrators of 9-11. those behind the curtain, have been quite clear about their ambitions, if you could just get americans to READ they would see this. the Rothschild/Warburg banking interests have been creating war for centuries now, for profit. David Rockefeller, thinks of us regular humans as “useless eaters”. he runs the Tri-Lateral Commision and the Council on Foreign Relations, both dedicated to the eradication of U.S. sovereignty and our Constitution, and the movement into World Government (N.W.O.) If you’d like an in-depth look at the lies you’ve been fed your whole life, watch ZEITGEIST.

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