Music Is A Felony?


A pre-release leak of Chinese Democracy has attracted the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Chinese Democracy, the long-awaited Guns N’ Roses album, was leaked earlier this month by Kevin Skwerl, owner of the Antiquiet ( blog.

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Something is terribly wrong with the world when ENTERTAINMENT has anything to do with PRISON. Dr. Zoltan is unable to express how insane this is. People go to prison for violent crimes: like rape, murder, and kidnapping. Not for things like cheesy songs. 

In case you have not noticed, the fundamental PHYSICS of the music business have been changed in recent years. Music is no longer a solid, tangible item. Music can be copied with one click of the mouse. Anyone who enters into the business of music and overlooks this idea is a fool. Anyone expecting to be paid for something that can be shared for FREE is crazy. Do not get into the game without reading the new rules. Businessmen are usually smart enough to realize that when a business is no longer profitable. They pack up and move into a different business. Sell something else. Instead, the Record Industry actually calls up The Government and makes their loss of business a FELONY. Do not start a business that is not profitable and depend on Federal Police to force it to stay in business. 

Copying music (especially rock and pop music [particularly that which is created by Axl Rose]) is not important enough to be considered any sort of crime. The Record Industry had a good 50-year run. A lot of plastic things were sold. A lot of money was made by people in suits, and people who were attractive but untalented. Now it’s over. Too bad. Get a job.

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  1. Been saying this for years, and still do. You people have to understand that the bands arent always the ones responsible for these retarded laws. Its the big money tycoons selling the records. If you were really really to think downloading music ripped of the artist, you should see how badly the recording companies rip the artist off. You want to show the band the support the deserve, go to their shows and buy there merchandise. They will more likely appreciate that more.

    Downloading music has become the best way at discovering new groups or artist. Learning whats out there, seeing more shows, making more artist happy.

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