PODCAST EPISODE 005: Anthony White (Ex-Drummer For Frank Zappa)


In the late 1970s, Anthony White, an L.A. session drummer, auditioned for and played with the legendary Frank Zappa. He discusses his abrupt departure from the band after being replaced by upcoming percussion virtuoso David Logeman.

In this candid telephone interview, we discuss the audition process, L.A.’s studio climate in the late 1970s, what it was like to fill the gap between Terry Bozzio and Vinnie Colaiuta, the rehearsal sessions for You Are What You Is, his practice habits, and the psychological events that led to Anthony’s eventual retirement as a session drummer.

Anthony shared many dark business insights, which could help any struggling drummer who is seeking commercial success in the realm of progressive or math rock.

Find out more about Anthony White and his production / engineering / live lighting and sound career at his “under construction” website, Anthony White Productions.

10 thoughts on “PODCAST EPISODE 005: Anthony White (Ex-Drummer For Frank Zappa)

  1. This guy is a weeping sore. I can’t believe the host didn’t hang up on him.

    Anyway, to any casual Zappa fans who might be fooled by this fool: None of the independent lists of musicians I know of have anybody named Anthony White. There was a drummer between Colaiuta and Logeman named Sinclair Lott.

    If you’re interested in looking into this yourself, this is a good starting point: http://globalia.net/donlope/fz/chronology/1976-1980.html

    Both Suicide Chump and Jumbo Go Away are firmly on record as being played by the 78/79 band; vinnie’s first tenure. So if you hadn’t already guessed, his writing credit claims are completely bogus.

    I’m not saying that he wasn’t in Zappa’s band for a couple of weeks acting as stopgap. I’m saying that he’s irrelevant. Don’t take anything he says seriously.

  2. His affect at 1:00 AM was cool. Doesn’t have anyone to talk to. I feel sorry for the guy, he’s very bitter.
    Carl your mess-in with him like a cat with a wounded mouse! Let sleeping dog’s lie. He’s crying!!! sad 🙁

  3. Horrifying. The interviewer, that is. It really drives the points home that AW made about musicians and the music biz in general. Basically, beware of scumbags like the interviewer (and ya gotta love how smooth and faux-friendly he is…what a creep).

  4. Well…. What a depressing and bitter little man. Do you think (very slight chance) that he could be the drummer mentioned in this Logeman interview (link at bottom of post)?

    “it was between me and one other guy. he would have this other guy go first and then me. well, the day that they were to start, i get another call from frank,’this other guy cracked. we took a break for lunch and he never came back! can you come first thing tomorrow?'”

    Just a possibility. Not likely, but possible.


  5. Being a bit of a working drummer and composer myself, it is no wonder he didn’t last if he admittedly wasn’t able to play to a click very well. lol. He seems very angry at the creative community of today. Making blanket statements like comparing a drum programmer to a dj just makes him sound like a bitter old man. Some of the most creative, complex and interesting drumming I have personally ever heard was actually programmed by carl king (the interviewer), I actually find it very inspiring. I would have felt bad for him a little when he started crying, but by that point he had made so many negative statements towards art and how most of the people making it these days probably shouldn’t be. It really just made me laugh. Great podcast!

  6. This is great. I don’t know why all the negative comments about Anthony. He poured out his heart to a random guy who woke him up in the middle of the night and unexpectedly opened some really painful old wounds.

    Most people would have hung up much sooner. I for one appreciated his unguarded, good-faith attempts to relate a one-of-a-kind situation.

  7. Also, “What’s my jpeg ratio and what’s the pixel rate!!” is an accidental instant classic. I can hear in my mind Precious Roy shouting that out.

    I love they way Carl says “oh” when he surmises the listenership must be madison ave. ad execs looking for the “next big thing…”

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