Premiere Pro + AVCHD Users: BEWARE!


If you’ve recently made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro and are using AVCHD, here’s something that can save you a lot of frustration.

1.) Some AVCHD Cameras (in my case, for a current project, a Canon HF-G10) record in a mode called PSF, or Progressive Segmented Frame. It’s very much like Interlaced, except the fields don’t dance back and forth. Instead, they’re displayed simultaneously — but they’re still split, from what I understand. So they record a Progressive video INSIDE what is actually an Interlaced wrapper. Even if the camera says 30P or 30PF in your menu settings, you should check this out:
2.) Some editing software isn’t always able to figure that out. Adobe Premiere is one of them. It might only see the Interlaced wrapper, and it will try to De-Interlace the Progressive Footage (!), making it look Aliased / Jagged. (Note: I used Final Cut Pro 7 for years, and never had this issue.)
3.) The solution is this… first, make sure your Sequence settings are Progressive. Then right click on every MTS / AVCHD footage file in the Project Window and Modify > Interpret Footage > Progressive. You’re forcing it to recognize it correctly.

That’s it! No more aliasing!

Special thanks to ComputerNovice25, Jim Simon, and Stephen_Spider for their help on the Adobe Forums.

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