Pro Musician = Pro Wrestler?


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Pro Musician = Pro Wrestler?

Maybe the art of music was lost a hundred years ago and replaced with a form of entertainment called Pro Music.

Maybe we’ve just never admitted it or called it that.

Go to any rock concert, and on stage, you’ll see men dancing around in silly “bad guy” costumes. Exaggerated gestures, playing to the crowd, calculated encores. Just look at those people — how can they be serious?

Matches are prearranged by the promotion’s booking staff and contain choreographed content and scripted outcomes. [Source: Wikipedia]

How is that different from the three hit songs already calculated and paid for, the witty stage banter already rehearsed and repeated with the name of the current city inserted, and the already worn-out illusion of rebellion and danger?

It’s all carnival theatrics, not fine art.

Maybe Pro Musicians are Pro Wrestlers who happen to know a few chords. (Chris Jericho would have something to say about that.) What modern people call Wrestling has devolved from its original form, and Music has, too.

A key dramatic element of the business can be entrances of the wrestlers to the arena and ring. It is typical for a wrestler to get their biggest crowd reaction (or “pop”) for their ring entrance, rather than for anything they do in the wrestling match itself. [Source: Wikipedia]

One thing is certain: it’s impossible to succeed these days if you don’t put on a show. Music that is unaccompanied by visuals is obsolete.

Are you a Pro Musician? Maybe that’s the perfect title.

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2 thoughts on “Pro Musician = Pro Wrestler?

  1. I fear you are right Carl, the need for the instant and overwhelming sensual gratification of a media experience has been ingrained into a great portion of society.
    Perhaps like me you find solace in the great but unseen musical artists that only visual accompaniment is the imagery conjured in the listener, much like a good book?

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