Recording Nina Gordon’s “Horses In The City” Part 1: Verse Sketch


Nina Gordon

I decided to work on recording some music. I thought starting with a cover would be the easiest, and off the top of my head I wanted to do “Horses In The City” by Nina Gordon. I spent the day getting my software and audio interface installed, and I’m beginning by programming a very basic “Sketch” which is how I begin all of the recordings I do. It’s a generic “lead sheet” with simple root-position chords and melody. It functions as an invisible guide that I can work around later. This is the verse. (Discovery, unless I made a mistake… this verse is 15 bars long instead of the standard 16. This sort of thing is common in her music.) Next step: Chorus.

You can listen to the original Horses In The City on Amazon.

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee I will succeed at my first attempt to record a song in (something like) 5 years. Hang in there and we’ll see where this goes.

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