Reversible Mascot Suits For Good and Evil


People love to argue about Capitalism and Socialism as if they’re sports teams. It’s tribal mentality that over-simplifies and encourages chanting. Everyone on the other side of the line is evil, and we must destroy them.

Capitalism: The Government says, “OK, People. Here’s the Money. We’ll entertain the idea that you won’t screw it up. ”

Socialism: The People say, “OK, Government. Here’s the Money. We’ll entertain the idea that you won’t screw it up.”

Unfortunately, both teams screw it up.

I see the concepts of Collectivism and Individualism as valid techniques to be applied to different situations on different scales. Sometimes one guy should do the job, and sometimes we need group input. Somewhere between the extremes, there’s usually a holistic, realistic approach for achieving goals.

For my own creative career, I’m a believer in what I call Lemonade Stand Capitalism.

While $2 is better than $1… as you scale it, making the pile infinitely bigger is not inherently the best goal. I choose to keep it small and sell the best lemonade possible. Leave me alone, and I’ll figure it out. I won’t piss in it. I take my lemonade craft personally.

I agree that private enterprises are typically run more efficiently than government institutions. It’s because The Post Office can’t go out of business if they suck — the government will keep paying old women to fall asleep on piles of phone books in the back room. There’s nothing at stake. Let people stand in line all day long outside the DMV. If they’re unhappy, it’s not like they can find a better deal down the street.

A monopoly is a monopoly, regardless of how it happened. Lack of competition tends to lower the value of goods and services. But so does competition itself. Two companies will fight to create the cheapest, most toxic, malfunctioning bags of shit and call it Fast Food.

Team Public or Team Private… Who cares? It doesn’t change the fact that whoever has the money and power needs to take their jobs personally.

When we focus too much on making $1 turn into $2, we depersonalize the work, ignore the big picture / long-term consequences, and do stupid things.

So whether it’s a politician invading a foreign country without Congressional Declaration of War, a doctor prescribing Quinolones and SSRIs without having studied bio-chemistry, or a business executive dumping almost 100 million gallons of oil into the water, some actions affect too many people to let one madman call the shots.

On the other hand, have you been a diligent CEO in your own universe? Do you agree that your own personal disasters could have been averted if you had exercised a greater degree of concern for your safety?

If everyone, everywhere made better decisions, we wouldn’t need these reversible mascot suits for good and evil, and we could focus on higher-level problems.

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