SHOCKING! Are You Accidentally A VEGAN?


SHOCKING! Are You Accidentally A VEGAN?
by Dr. Zoltan! 

Do you think you are SAFE when you are drinking an entire bottle of Nescafe Ice Java Iced Coffee Syrup?

Think again!

The Center for The Advancement of Living Correctly has published a study listing foods that contain 99.9% NON-Animal Ingredients, and you just may be feeding these items to your CHILDREN.

In the early 50’s, foods such as Apples, Lettuce, and even wholesome drinks like LEMONADE were converted to 100% VEGAN ingredients. Delicious trace amounts of Beef Tallow were excluded from many snack foods (including peanuts, carrots, and kidney beans) and manufacturers of these edible devices are not even required by law to LABEL them as such! And if that was not scary enough, unsuspecting consumers who are eating a large tub of Smucker’s Goober Grape Peanut Butter might be in for a surprise!

Thankfully, the Center for the Advancement of Living Correctly has provided a Boycott List of Foods That Contain No Meat, Dairy, Or Eggs. Take action NOW and tell your local representatives that you do not want WATER to be added to this list!

 { This article was written and approved by Dr. Zoltan! If you felt depressed after reading it, please visit or just lock your doors and stay inside today — perhaps read a book. }

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