Submit Questions For Dr. Zoltan Podcast!


Dr. Zoltan will attempt what has never been done before: a daily audio podcast addressing very important questions — questions submitted by YOU! The name of this feature shall be: “Why Are You Asking Me?” and it will appear on the Anti-Social Talk Show RSS Feed on and iTunes. Be aware that Dr. Zoltan will not tolerate bad questions. Questions can be on any topic or subject, and Dr. Zoltan will do his best to answer them. Questionizers can choose to remain anonymous or promote their own meme / teme. Please understand that while his research team is far more advanced than those working for John Tesh, they ARE time-travelers from another planet. It is uncertain how many questions will be answered per episode. The better the question, the more research it will receive. 

Submit your questions immediately through one of the many communication devices attached directly to Dr. Zoltan’s mind, the most direct being

-Dr. Zoltan!

2 thoughts on “Submit Questions For Dr. Zoltan Podcast!

  1. How much of what your profess today will you still believe tomorrow? Meaning, with all the WORDS you print that form some sort of BELIEF SYSTEM, how much of that system is in flux? Could you give examples of creeds you once held dear, but have now decided their reasoning is now utter crap?

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