First, You’ll Have To Learn How To Suck.


Hollywood is one step ahead.

Do you really believe, that with millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars at their disposal, they’d make a mistake?

New Media is a tool to attract comments, arguments, votes, opinions, complaints, pseudo-experts, and trolls. Hollywood makes us all think we’re participating, empowering us with profiles and blogs and tweets, but we are nothing but living advertisements for their products.

“Comments” are the new applause.

Once upon a time, studios actually had to pay for hype. Now it’s free.

Here’s their dirty trick: They make you feel smarter than them.

In every movie, TV show, and hit song, they embed flaws. Everyone who watches will want to point them out. The creators have openly made it part of the game: “We had no idea what we were doing, from the very beginning.”

Oh, really?

Like a manipulative girlfriend, they keep it just good enough so you think it’s legit, but just bad enough so you’ll keep paying attention. When they green-light a show, they don’t ask if it’s good. They ask if people will argue whether it’s good.

Just try to “go viral” without sucking. It won’t happen.

We are living in a Culture of Critics. “Come on, all you wannabe filmmakers, musicians, and actors out there… attack us.”

If you complain, “I could have written a better finale than that,” they’ve Suckceeded.

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2 thoughts on “First, You’ll Have To Learn How To Suck.

  1. Well, there are plenty of bad shows out there no doubt. But how would you as an individual decide whether a show is good? What I am saying is that you still have a choice whether or no YOU like a show or a movie. But the popularity contests will always be there.

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