The Cowboy Talks About Class


There’s sometimes a town.

In that town, there is a correlation between wealth, altitude, and the direction of psychic energy.

The Upper Class live in the mountains, where it’s clean and quiet. Many of the houses are concealed by complex landscape. No straight roads, lots of contour and curves. Unusual architecture. Surprises around every turn. Exotic trees and plants. A view of the town and ocean below. The only cars are the expensive ones parked in driveways. Obviously, the inhabitants like to be left alone. They plan their time and energy years in advance.

On the way back down to Earth, things get more depressing and mundane.

Halfway between the Mountains and Beach are the Middle Class. Their world is flat. The places they live in are smaller, cramped together, and surrounded by activity. Traffic on the streets. Less plant life. Competition for space. Noise. They are cyclical consumers. Most of the money they make is spent at Best Buy and Restaurants on the illusion of abundance. They see about a week or sometimes a month into the future.

The Lower Class congregate at sea level, around The Beach. Beggars, derelicts, punk rockers, street musicians, drug addicts, criminals. Graffiti and trash everywhere. Loud music from every direction. Those who have a home will refuse to stay inside — and will even leave their front door wide open. They never stop talking, yelling, and banging on things. The conflicts they focus on will never improve their lives, even if they win. They see about an hour into the future, if that.

Stop for a little second and think about it. Can you do that for me?

Common sense would say that all of the money, power, and freedom is up by the Rich Introverts living in the Mountains. Let’s just say that if you want to improve your situation, go towards them.

Now you will see me one more time if you do good. You’ll see me two more times, if you do bad. Goodnight.

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3 thoughts on “The Cowboy Talks About Class

  1. Best. Speech. EVER (on this topic – until next time, anyway.)

    Random Trivia: did you know that Justin Theroux, the non-household-name actor on the left (as opposed to the completely obscure one on the right who played The Cowboy) is also a big-time screenwriter now? He wrote Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2.

  2. Interesting composition, with a good flow. I do find it interesting that you suggest ‘moving towards them’ as the solution to improving one’s situation. I think this concept might be taken more as spritual movement, more along the path of aligning ones own personal goals, aspirations, and expectations with those who occupy those homes in order to achieve a similar result. Monkey see, monkey do? Perhaps, but assuming the inhabitants are introverts might be a misjudgement, perhaps it is their basic penchant for minding their own business as opposed to minding everyone else’s that helped them arrive there. It has been said that there are three kinds of people: The ignorant, who talk about people they know. The average, who talk about events. And finally, the intelligent who talk about ideas. I think talking about ideas might be the first step on the path that leads up into the mountains, assuming you understand what living there really means.

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