The Day I Defeated Gawker


GawkerThe Extroverts are trying to fight back. 

In the past few days people have been sending me sarcastic parodies of 10 Myths About Introverts. So far, they’re:

1.) Uninformative. 
2.) Insincere. 
3.) Defensive.

Familiar behavior. 

The nerds have empowered themselves and started their own little ham radio club in the school library. The jocks are mad. Maybe some more bullying will help?

It’s alright. Caity Weaver is just doing her job, getting paid to write about popular topics to generate clicks for a website. (There’s a few more for you, Caity. No problem. Keep up the good work.) And this topic deserves the continued attention, even if that attention is foolish and abusive.


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