Thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy


Saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night and loved it. Hey, here’s a numbered list (don’t worry, no spoilers) :

1.) Congratulations to Marvel / Disney for their huge success with a film that isn’t a “remake.” (Even though it is technically based on pre-existing characters from an old comic book that mainstream audiences have never heard of.) What I mean is, it’s not a remake of an ’80s movie updated with forced “gansta culture” and an obnoxious rap soundtrack.
2.) Speaking of the Soundtrack: it was totally “out of left field” — who would think to put a bunch of ’70s soft rock ballads in a sci-fi adventure movie? It was a brave choice, and worked well!
3.) The humor was awkward and tense, just the sort of thing I like.
4.) It’s easy to impress me with exotic characters in body paint, because I’m a sucker for saturation.
5.) I’m a camera geek, but I was so sucked into the story that I don’t remember anything about the cinematography. (Except for that shot of young Star-Lord in the field, towards the beginning of the movie. Nice!) I suppose this is a good thing?
6.) I will probably see it in the theater a second time.
7.) I own Disney stock, so this all works out well for me!


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