Tired of TED.



I’ve never been to the TED Conference. It takes place once a year, and that once a year is right now.

For the first 3 or 4 years that I knew about it, I wanted to go. Now I’m tired of hearing about it. In fact, I’m tired of the entire concept of people who are on the verge of discovering the next incredible, amazing idea by blogging and twittering every single day. I think TED is the new Music Industry. Zillions of people are going to be giving up music and swarming into becoming motivational speakers and radical business philosophers. It’s now inevitable. As usual, I was about 10 years ahead of the curve, but finally the mainstream is going to catch up and become a parody of me.

I’m feeling I need to rebel and find somewhere else to hang out, now that everyone is flooding into my one-man party.

Here’s an Idea Worth Spreading: Thanks to Derek Sivers, every music industry reject will soon be worshipping Seth Godin, and TED will be as bloated and cliché as NAMM. Thank you. Now PayPal the $6,000 to carl@carlkingcreative.com.

It’s funny to me that TED is the mainstream I am now pushing against. Maybe I am as bad as the rest of them, having my own business philosophy book published this year. What?

Having a book is the new having a band.

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