UFOs Land As World Watches “Reality” TV


What does it say about the human race, that its most important discoveries are ignored? If a brave group of ex-military personnel gathered and offered testimony and evidence regarding UFOs and Extra Terrestrials, shouldn’t that be… important? To everyone on the planet? Especially if they’ve now done this THREE TIMES IN THE LAST DECADE at the U.S. Press Club in Washington, DC?

1 BILLION HUMANS would rather watch cheaply made, highly-profitable, scripted television shows full of product placement — that somehow successfully pretend to be reality than pay attention to an important topic such as UFO Disclosure.

2 thoughts on “UFOs Land As World Watches “Reality” TV

  1. Old but interesting stuff. To be expected of course. Now what? As a child, I met Buzz Aldrin and shook his hand. He liked my mohawk. Had I known then what I do now, I wouldn’t have shaken his hand. Still have the signed book though. I’ve seen numerous UFO’s. Never met any aliens that definitively let on that they were. What would be the benefits of widespread disclosure, do you think?

  2. These links need to be sent to everyone. The masses are unaware. Why not send this out to 10 people on your mailing list and so on… Our world does not need to continue it’s path… “O” where’s the CHANGE? I’ll start it.

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