Mistakes In Chris Megerian LA Times Article re: Electoral College


[ NOTE: I originally called this “Uninformed Trash.” Soon after posting it, I realized I was being uncivilized. My apologies. I have renamed it. ]

Chris Magerian’s LA Times article, Here’s why the electoral college (probably) won’t stop Donald Trump from becoming president, has some serious problems.

1.) The article begins: “Some liberals who really, really, really don’t want Donald Trump to be president…” — Chris, it’s not just “some liberals.” This is not a matter of team politics. You have failed to understand the fundamental details of this subject. Please, explore why debate about the Electoral College so important. It will “really, really, really” help. The non-objective slant is painful to read.

2.) The tone of your piece argues against the possibility of the Electoral College protecting the Republic from an unstable egomaniac. While it is historically unusual for Electors to change their vote, it is not impossible! It is a built-in part of the process. Your short article is attempting to spread doubt and inaction, not inform and inspire. Why would you want to undermine the process of civil participation?

3.) A major problem in the article: “Each state is assigned a certain number of electoral votes based on population.” This is simplistic at best and false at worst. There is not a 1:1 representation — far from it. Please read this: http://archive.fairvote.org/?page=985

(For example on average a state is awarded one electoral vote for every 545,828 people. However, Wyoming has three electoral votes and only 506,529 citizens. As a result each of Wyoming’s three votes corresponds to only 168,843 people. These people have 3.23 times as much clout in the Electoral College as an average American or 323% as listed in the chart).

4.) The Electoral College is based on Thomas Jefferson’s mistaken expectation that the country would be populated by “yeoman farmers” — and over two centuries later, the Electoral College no longer matches practical reality. Please read this article to understand the many problems: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/21/upshot/as-american-as-apple-pie-the-rural-votes-disproportionate-slice-of-power.html

This LA Times article by Chris Megerian unfortunately reads like a hastily-written middle school book report. Chris, please don’t post discouraging, superficial stuff like this. LA Times editors, raise your journalistic standards. I’d prefer to read fewer, longer, well-researched articles than short misleading articles like this. Especially on such an important topic.

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