Urban Legends About Guitar Tuning


[Photo by Me.]

You know how to tune your guitar. Right?

Well, maybe you should watch this 8-lesson video tutorial that I co-wrote and produced for the guys at GuitarTricks.

It’s called Urban Legends About Guitar Tuning.

One frustrating day, fifteen years ago, I was hunched over my guitar, wondering why I couldn’t get it perfectly in tune. I took it to the shop and asked them what was wrong. They couldn’t figure it out, either. I grabbed one guitar after another from the wall, and suddenly none of them could be tuned! Was it a curse that was following me? The guy at the shop actually accused me of messing up all of his guitars!

It turns out I was just doing it all wrong. And I’m surprised to still see professional guitarists making these same simple mistakes every day. Watching this tutorial taught by Anders Mouridsen (that’s him in the photo up there) is definitely worth more than that el-cheapo subscription price.

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