What Is A Friend In Los Angeles?


How do you define friendship?

If you’re a creative-type working in Los Angeles, this can be tricky.

The problem is, everybody out here is after something. They gave up their family and friends and moved here for a reason.

That reason is, they wanna take one or more of these things from you:

1.) Inside information
2.) Career advice
3.) Ideas
4.) An introduction to someone else you know
5.) Credits / fame by association
6.) Gambling opportunities
7.) Favors / free help on their project
8.) Access to your gear / studio
9.) Sex
10.) And in its most pure form: Money.

The Ambition Addiction in this Imaginary City is out of control — it’s like a big ladder, on which everyone only wants to be “friends” with those on a higher rung.

If someone is smiling and talking to you, you’ve gotta ask yourself: why?

Because more often than not, if you don’t have any of those things to offer, you’re invisible.

Run through the above checklist. Do you still have any friends?

(Sure, you can be friends with someone you work with. Those are called Work Friends. And often the only thing you have in common is hating your boss.)

Maybe, if you really try… you can think of someone that calls you for no reason, stops by for the heck of it, and just enjoys being in the same room with you. Someone who celebrates your existence — not as a Chess-Piece or Industry Designation (Producer, Actor, Musician) — but as a Human.

If so, consider yourself lucky to have a friend, buddy bro pal.

One thought on “What Is A Friend In Los Angeles?

  1. That’s why I’m making industry friends before I come over to LA. I have nothing to offer them now, but they appreciate my personality and passion. We’ll most probably mutually benefit each other at some point, but there’s no chance of that right now, and so we can be ourselves, be honest, let our flaws show.

    I imagine the “friendships” I make when in LA will be of a different nature, but I don’t intend on becoming this shiny, polished avatar to sell myself. I’m a freak and a dreamer, and that’s my winning point.
    It’s not my job to make people like me. It’s my job to find the other freaks and dreamers who already will.

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