"What Is Creativity?" by Brian Tracy



In this revealing podcast enclosure, Brian Tracy explains that:

1.) Creativity is money.
2.) Creativity is numbers on a white board. Very big, arbitrary numbers.
3.) Creativity is a man in a suit, standing in front of mysterious volumes of books.
4.) Creativity is working fast and producing many widgets to sell to strangers.
5.) Creativity does not exist. 

-Dr. Zoltan!

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One thought on “"What Is Creativity?" by Brian Tracy

  1. Except he didn’t say any of the things you listed. And his ideas were mostly valid. Also, your writing is annoying, and you are a dumb ass, you invent stupid terms like “social metaphysics” when their are more appropriate terms that already exist to describe your stuff. In fact about 60% of your stuff would most appropriately be filed under a category called “fucking bullshit”.

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