When Will Musicians Learn…


…to make their music as noticeable as it is in these parody videos?

Imagine how much money is spent just to make one person listen to Creed’s latest boring album, or read one of their boring interviews.

Full Circle, Creed’s first album in eight years, came out on October 27, 2009. Stapp elaborated on the title, which is also the name of a track to appear on the album: “It really defines and articulates, melody-wise and lyrically, what’s happened with us.”

Creed going around in circles? Can’t argue with that…

I’ve never heard the original song that this video is mocking, but I’m sure it took a lot of time, energy, and money to write and record. I’m guessing Creed operates on a slightly higher budget than these video pranksters.

Hey, Wind-Up Records… can you count?

Parody: 144,968 Views
Original: 16,665 Views

The Eyeballs have spoken.

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