Why Ninja Assassin Failed


I know why the film Ninja Assassin failed.

It’s the name!

They should have consulted with me. I would have recommended Ninja Assassin Killer. (The dot com is still available, by the way.)

We know this: to sell tickets, every movie needs a good name… and a good website. Agreed?

Well, here is the embarrassing website they ended up with: www.ninjaassassin.com.

I’ve learned a lot while reading thesis scripts that come out of the L.A. Film School. One thing I’ll never forget is The Rule of Threes in Violence. An Assassin who hunts Ninjas = weak. A Killer who hunts Assassins who hunts Ninjas = solid Triple Threat. You set up the pattern with the first two, then you reinforce it with the third. Unstoppable.

You know I’m only here to help.

(Like Tim Ferriss, my creative fee has to have 5-7 zeroes to the left of the decimal point — but please remember to put them to the right of the other numbers. I’m not falling for that trick again.)

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