Zen? Or Ignorance?


Taking a “zen approach” to Donald Trump’s presidency is not an enlightened state of mind.

It’s called Ignorance.

I’ve seen this “We’ll See” Parable of the Zen Farmer spread around by smarmy hipsters who want to continue to live in a bubble and make themselves feel better.

Ayn Rand referred to this as Empiricism: a reliance on concretes at the expense of abstract thinking. A refusal to draw conclusions. A denial of cause and effect.


Yoga does not solve the problems we are facing. Breathing and stretching and pretending everything is OK will not protect us from the disastrous effects of an unstable, unpredictable egomaniac having control of the US military and nuclear weapons.

Inaction is not the answer. We’re not children that need to be shielded from painful truth. Adults have a civic duty to become involved in the political process. It is not “too depressing.” If you think this, you are part of the problem.

Right now, we unfortunately have the luxury of ignorance. The horrors are virtual: we can simply not look at them on Facebook and they will disappear. This luxury will not last. It will become physical: financial ruin, war, pain, and continued erosion of freedom.

We have a President Elect who is “not a reader.” (Source of this quote coming soon. Recent Charlie Rose interview.) If that is not the definition of Idiocracy, what is? If we are an advanced civilization, The President should be selected from the most intelligent and wisest among us.

Read the transcription of this New York Times interview with Trump to understand how confused and scrambled his thought process is.


We cannot have a whim-worshipping non-intellectual representing us. He speaks from the perspective of a monarch, always meandering back into bragging about his golf courses, how much everyone loves him, and defaulting to peacock terms instead of facts. It shows he has no understanding of any topic he is asked about, and is incapable of critical thinking.

Bottom line: he is a corrupt “dictator in the making” (Sam Harris phrase) who is about to wield immense world power if we don’t do something.

It only gets worse on a daily basis.

Instead of being an ignorant wimp, here are some things you can do to participate in change:

1.) Read the news. Expose yourself to information.
2.) Speak up. Talk about it with your friends, neighbors. Don’t hide.
3.) Donate to or volunteer for the ACLU.
4.) Support Jill Stein’s Recount project.
5.) Fight to change or get rid of The Electoral College.
6.) Protest.
7.) Join a political party.

There is more than a kernel of truth in the “go back to your safe place and cry about it” cliche. Sadly, many of my anti-Trump friends are guilty of giving up and hiding. Coming up with cop-outs to ease their cognitive dissonance. I hear: “it gives me too much anxiety” or “it sucks but I can’t do anything about it” or “watch this artsy documentary so you can feel more paralyzed and helpless.”

Come on.

Trump supporters (as misled as they are by straight-up propaganda) are passionate and mobilized: ready to vote, always speaking their minds, ready to take action. At minimum they’re wearing their stupid red hats, which is more than my friends are doing.

What is the point of having more understanding of the world if you don’t apply it? What good is being “on the right side of history” as Dan Rather called it, if you’re letting the end of the Republic happen around you?

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