The Mysterious Octopus!

A half-hour animated TV show concept.


The year is 2600 A.D.

In 2012, the “Complete Commodification of Geek Culture” halted mankind’s progress. Discoveries in science, technology, and philosophy came to an end. Every inhabitant of Earth became obsessed with comic books, video games, and expensive 3D adventure movies. For nearly six centuries, a worldwide convention known as Con-Con has dominated every aspect of commerce and culture.

All citizens are required to wear sci-fi, superhero, or fantasy costumes and register their names and personas with an ID badge – or face exile. An all-powerful fascist world government known as Registration (and their assassin organization called The Black Page) controls the planet from an enormous space station.

In the Pilot Episode, “Galactastar Blattaria,” all cockroaches on Earth have vanished as of six days ago. A giant, ominous ship in the shape of a cockroach returns to Earth. In only 6 days, without their natural Human predators, the “Blattarians” have progressed six centuries. They are capable of telepathy, shape-shifting, curing any disease, and are biologically immortal.

A mad scientist named Dr. Cornelius Quazarkog has released a series of late-night informercials, recruiting a low-rent team of rebels to overthrow Registration. Now unexpectedly funded by Registration, the heroes meet at his top-secret base, The Mysterious Octopus – where they will be trained to confront The Blattarians.


Read the pilot episode: Galactastar Blattaria.


Created & Written by Carl King.
Co-Created by Michael Elliott.
Character & Ship Illustrations by Lance Myers.

Music by Stephen Cox:


The Mysterious Octopus was the name of a movie I wanted to make when I was 7-years-old. In 2008, I decided to turn it into an animated show concept — and a collection of four scripts were written with my old friend, Michael Elliott. In 2011, I re-imagined the concept and rewrote the pilot episode script.

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