Dr. Zoltan Campaigns

The War On Fun – The War On Fun was declared by Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk on April 19, 2008, at Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, CA. Its purpose is to counteract the pervasive influence of youth culture on human youth, and send a strong message to manufacturers and corporations through grassroots action. Join The War On Fun and receive a campaign button!

Anti-Sociology Studies – Conducted with the assistance of his Research Team (known at the TED Conference as the Temponautical Navigators), these studies are scientific surveys in search of one final answer to the question: “What Is Wrong With The Human Race?”

Unacceptable Cultural Artifacts And Revoked Artistic Licenses – Sometimes a meme is so worn out that it should be caused to be illegal. Dr. Zoltan has hired a mercenary army to enforce his moral code. Find out more here.