So, You’re A Creative Genius… Now What? (Book)

creative genius book

The book is 6×9, 172 pages, and was published in 2011 by MWP, makers of Save The Cat! and Hardware Wars.

It’s a Survival Guide for artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and depressed boat-motor repairmen.

You can buy it on Amazon.

There is also a Podcast of the same name. Listen to it.

“If you don’t find something inspirational in this grab bag of powerful positive programming, you have ascended to the grazing range, to join the cow-like head bobblers of the broken stone and shattered rock variety.”
-Jon Schnepp, Director of Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros.

“You wanted to build a Wonka factory in your attic but instead ended up burning the house down. Sound familiar? If so, this book is for you. From brainstorm, to business plan, to body and mind, Carl King has created a fantastic guide for getting the most out of your creativity.”
-Ruta Sepetys, Manager of Steve Vai, LIT

“Launching your own creative career can be quite an aimless and frustrating endeavor. This book tells you how (and why) you should do it. Bravo, Carl. You weirdo!”
-Jeff Friedl, drummer of DEVO, Puscifer, Ashes Divide

“Growing up, I used to think something was wrong with me.  After reading Carl’s book, I now know that there is definitely something wrong with me, and that’s a good thing. If only I could beam this information back to myself in junior high!”
–Dan Oster, MADtv

“Freaks and rebels – those few that think for themselves – this book is for you! While every other book is about how to make your creativity fit into the world of business, this is about how to amplify your creativity into every aspect of your life.”
-Derek Sivers, Founder of CDBaby

“Like many of the people quoted on this dust-cover, I have not read Carl King’s book. I am confident, however, that my review still applies: So, You’re a Creative Genius is the best book available on modern cartography.”
-Heather Anne Campbell, Writer, Saturday Night Live

“This is a self-help book in the original meaning of the words. It’s not teaching you how to become a millionaire or rule the world, but effectively helps you to create a good and solid life for yourself in an otherwise crazy and unpredictable business. You can use the advice, get started, stabilize or organize your existing career, so you can focus as much energy as possible on the real goal: your art!”
-Anders Mouridsen, Session Guitarist, Los Angeles

“I didn’t think it was possible. A self-help book that is funny, brutally honest, useful, and to the point!”
-Dr. Astro Teller, Director of New Projects, Google

“Creativity is the most important asset we have. If you are a creative person, struggling to be the magician or the artist, you already know a lot of the things this book is telling you. However, knowing is not always enough to keep running towards your goal. This book is the mentor by your side, telling you the truth, giving you the inspiration to find the ultimate you.”
-Mattias Eklund, Co-Founder of Toontrack / Drumkit From Hell

“In this powerful and audacious work, we recognize the creative spirit as both madder and saner than the average person, more cultivated yet more primitive. Carl’s world is a kaleidoscope of thoughtful ideas and practical advice that allow us to ‘reassemble’ our habit-bound ways of thinking into profoundly greater personal creativity. So, You’re a Creative Genius… is for those who dream large and aren’t afraid to walk the ‘side streets of life.'”
-John La Grou, TED Speaker, Founder of Millennia Media

“Like a bright beam of sunlight on the bookshelf horizon, King effectively guides us through what it takes to sustain creativity in a empirical but highly engaging way. Keep this book with you when your well needs water.”
-Andy Alt, COO of GuitarTV / Creator of The Flight 6*2 Guitar

“This book has bad news for my fellow tragically unique, pathologically shy, debilitatingly self-critical and undeniably talented geysers of creative energy. Turns out any excuse you can think of to not live your dream life daily is wholly unoriginal. There’s some good news in there too, though. For instance, perhaps you are not alone in your adorable peccadillos. So let’s celebrate! Party at Carl’s place!”
-Barbara Ann Duffy, Animatic Editor for The Cleveland Show and Luchadora with Lucha VaVOOM

“Being creative is a lonely and silent experience most of the time. I had grown tired of chopping down trees for no one to hear. Carl’s book is like a field guide to creativity… telling me I’m not alone, and to start building again.”
-Frank Dreyer, Executive Producer, Kudelski Media and Creative

While it’s true great things come in small packages, I didn’t realize how true until I read So, You’re A Creative Genius… Now What?. The power to weight ratio is phenomenal. So much useful information packed into so few pages. From company names to workspace theory to dealing with the agony of your own creativity, the level of helpfulness is through the roof. I wish this book had come along when I was starting my career. I might not have gone down so many dead end paths.
-William M. Akers, author of Your Screenplay Sucks!

“A very inspiring book! In an age where we are overrun with flavorless information on achieving success, this is absolutely one book that no ‘creative genius’ can be without.”
-Michael Elsner, Songwriter / TV and Film Composer (Hannah Montana, American Idol, High School Musical 2)

“Carl and I went to high school together in a horrible small town in Florida. I first met him when he acted in a movie I wrote. His ‘acting’ consisted of mad grinning and mechanical recitation of nonsense phrases until we had to turn the camera off, weeping from exhaustion and failure. This book is proof that, yes, weirdos from nowhere can have creative careers. Carl and I made it — and so can you.”
-Chris Higgins, contributor to The American Life & mental_floss magazine

“Carl’s book is chock full of practical advice — especially for creative artists to get their butts in gear. Well worth the investment!”
-Roger von Oech, Author of A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative and the Creative Whack Pack

“I have met many people who I’d call “creative geniuses” — if they ever actually created something. Carl King’s manual for intrepid thinkers will help them get those ideas out of their heads and into the real world where we all can see them.”
-Ian Koss, Publisher, Ink 19 Magazine

“If you’re creative, or would like to be, Carl’s book is a fascinating joy ride through the process of opening up to your complete potential. He has an amusing, complicated, and free mind which he has put to great use here. A fun read, yet a challenge to do your most creative work.”
-Paul Chitlik, Author of “Rewrite, A Step-by-Step Guide to Strengthen Structure, Characters, and Drama in Your Screenplay”, UCLA and Loyola Marymount University Professor, award winning television and film writer

“Carl King’s book contains great advice for an approach to life that will enhance anyone’s creativity.”
-Rad Sechrist, Storyboard Artist, Dreamworks

“This book encourages, provokes and challenges the creative person to think hard about why he creates and what the heck he’s going to do about it.  A must for anyone who uses his imagination and dares to make a living doing it.”
-Pilar Alessandra, Director of  the “On the Page” Writers’ Studio and author of “The Coffee Break Screenwriter.”

“Carl is a focused person who is good at reminding people in creative ways that they have forgotten to write something for his book flap.”
-Brendon Small, The Brendon Small Album

“As a middle-aged battle scarred veteran of the music business, reading Carl’s book was like having group therapy with a large committee of old ghosts. This book provides the reader with that ‘if I knew then what I know now’ knowledge coupled with solid, practical advice and insight.”
-Dave Meros, bassist of Spock’s Beard, Eric Burdon & The Animals

“If you want to be a very successful artist like me and the author of this book, please BUY THIS BOOK and you might learn something before the end of the book!”
-Danger Woman, Autistic Singing Superhero

“Carl King has an uncanny knack for explaining both what goes on inside the creative mind and the possible frustrations that accompany that mindset. So, you’re a creative genius is filled with clever ways to channel that frustration into action that actually increases the chances of being able to have not just a passion, but a career.”
-Bryan Beller, Bassist of Steve Vai, Dethklok, and Dweezil Zappa

“The 21 scientists at Scientific Proof Magazine have proven that Carl King’s book is the essential hammer of the artistic tool belt.  A satellite launched, King reflects and enlightens the peripheral of the tunnel vision dreamer.”
-Eman Laerton, You Have Bad Taste In Music, Church Across America

“He asked me to join an army of soldiers wearing white ski masks and declaring War On Fun, built me my very own brand of flying saucers, now a duck in a lightbulb? How can anyone say no to Carl King?”
-Marco Minnemann, famous drummer

“I’ve been lucky enough to have a creative career in music, television and other forms of entertainment that actually paid (most times anyway). Once in a while, a new catalyst is needed. This book got my creative magic flowing again.”
-Scott Page Pagter, Co-Producer of Power Rangers / Film & TV Composer / Voice & Sound Effects Director, Mattel

“Carl King is the high school guidance counselor you wish you had.  King’s book inspires and demonstrates how to reach your creative best, while unraveling the befuddling riddle that is the Boss Man, the client, the creative kryptonite who pays your rent.”
Zeke Piestrup, TV Host, VH1 and FuelTV


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