Dr. Zoltan has become an unstoppable underground meme, often an inside joke among the Hollywood elite. Read what credible sources like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and Mark Borchardt have to say about him.

Below is a sampling of some of his recent media appearances.

• R.I.P. Dr. Zoltan by Mike Epstein
• January 2008 Issue of Drum Programmer Magazine – Cover Story
• Dr. Zoltan Shirt Appears In The Human Booger (2008) – Film by Paul Feldman
• Dr. Zoltan’s essay, “Hacking Music,” appears in the Fall 2008 issue of 2600 Magazine – The Hacker Quarterly.
• Dr. Zoltan’s fan-mail to Emmanuel Goldstein (Editor of 2600 Magazine – Hacker Quarterly) was read on the air by Emmanuel himself in the Off-The-Wall Podcast November 20, 2007 Episode. Hear it at 48 minutes, 48 seconds in.
• Dr. Zoltan did NOT appear in the TRS-80 video for Tinted, directed by Eric Fensler.
• Dr. Zoltan Interviewed by Sonic Labs Magazine, from the March 2007 Issue.

The following is a translation of a review of Dr. Zoltan in Spanish. Dr. Zoltan believes it to be the best review yet:

“Sometimes I do not know what to think on the matter. I like progressive rock, but I have always detested the attitude of their fans: that of believing that listening music more complex than what you hear in the mainstream makes them instantly with people intellectually and morally superior to the mass. I myself have become self-critical in this regard… evil that bad, I went to study philosophy to “complement” what, in my adolescent vision of the world, had planned for myself. Maybe that is why I like Rush: types have always managed to present their product adding healthy doses of humor spontaneous… take themselves lightly, lest become fools serious as those that abounded at the time, and today are becoming more.

That was when I discovered Sir Millard Mulch (now reaping spirit flames on YouTube under the pseudonym Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk). Brilliant, I say. I think perhaps the only one who had glimpsed the concept but not developed until the very end was Frank Zappa. The concept is: Bring cliches of musical and intellectual superiority of the progressive rocker average, and even exaggerate the pinnacle, making them up in features repugnant inclusopara fans progressive. I touch better than you, I am smarter than you, and therefore I am even more misunderstood you”… In the same way that Catholics will cause stinging exaggerated gestures of the fervor of Evangelicals (who jump, cry and sing extasiados , versus sobriety medieval and Spartan of the Catholic mass), Dr see. Zoltan speaks with contempt of bands like Dream Theater or Tool hassle…… rejection reactions arrogant… Of the possible reactions, I prefer the alternative: take the criticism and cagarse of laughter in the process. We make these videos for a while and I can not miss the opportunity to postearlos. Look in order, dear / and tells me what you think.”

-Author Unknown