Decibel Magazine: “For your fucked up tastes, you might just have found the most entertaining album ever. Seriously.”

DRUM! Magazine: “Utterly Unperformable. Bizarre.”

Kerrang: “Jokey prog work-outs to entertain and enlighten you through laughter.”

ScenePointBlank: “If I had to nominate an album for the most bizarre and intriguing release of 2005 thus far, I would have no problem choosing this. If you are looking for something to blow your mind, then by all means go out and purchase it.”

Ian Koss, INK19 Magazine: “Sir Millard Mulch takes computer music sequencing to extremes, creating music so dense and hyperkinetic that not even Nintendo would want to touch it.”

Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle / Faith No More / Secret Chiefs 3): “It’s like Stravinsky, only CRAZIER!”

Steve Vai: “…The world should hear it but unfortunately the world is brainwashed right now. …wild stuff, boy!”

Scott Thunes (Frank Zappa, The Vandals): “Someone I know needs to switch to decaf.”

Virgil Donati (Planet X, Vai): “Very happening.”

OJEMusic (Dutch Rock Magazine): “Na het maken het bizarre album waren zijn collega’s en hij “delighted as frogs with new ice skates.”

Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X): “Wow, that music is crazy! I’m jealous of your many articulate opinions. I struggle with being articulate on many issues. But I can talk passionately about Alex Van Halen and Ringo Starr using big washy cymbals. Hopefully this will redeem me when I most need it.”

Flipside Magazine: “This is likely the product of a bunch of Monty Python fans and Subgeniuii. Indeed, it sounds like many of these are theme songs for TV shows that never existed. I really want to meet the people that put this together, but not let them know where I live, you know?”

Mike Keneally: “You sick bastard. That stuff sounds fantastic!”

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater): “Your new CD sounds VERY interesting! I’d love to hear it if you care to pass it on when it’s ready….”

Eman Laerton (You Have Bad Taste In Music): “Your signature should be organized into chapters.”

Nina Gordon (Veruca Salt): “That’s awesome, that’s really cool! I’m honored. Flattered.”

Paulo Baldi (Cake, Les Claypool’s Flying Frog Brigade): “How could I possibly fully understand such madness?”

Focus Magazine: “While a lot has been mentioned about the infamous in-humor and clever dick ditties that fill up his albums (with a sharp sarcasm that dwarfs They Might Be Giants), it’s the complexity and creativity of his instrumental work that remains pants-dropping amazing.”

Ralf Spight (Victims Family): “Truly weird.”

Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard): “I can’t stop listening to it! It’s insane!”

The Spaced Haitian: “Your business drive is unparalleled… I was friends with Marilyn Manson from 90-93 and watched him ‘work’ the industry, and you’ve got him beat down!”

Mishmash Magazine: “Much like the manipulative musical manner of Mr. Zappa, Sir Mulch has shown us just enough of his genius to make us uncomfortable…Muzak for the insane.”

Slipperman: “Mulch is not to be trusted. His head is pointy and his feet are rather small.”

Don Joyce (Negativland): “I’m not even going to see what this is.”

Bryan Beller (Mike Keneally, Dweezil Zappa, Steve Vai): “You are one freaked out dude. My word.”

Ruta Sepetys, LIT’s Manager: “Unbelievably creative… but I can’t afford the $10,000 for your brain surgery.”

The Fritz Magazine: “Whoa, this is a lot to take in. Overall, this is a really interesting and intriguing record, though a bit too much to digest all at once.”

John Wozniak (Marcy Playground): “You guys should respect Millard more…”

Dan Rathbun (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum): “If there are markets where you actually have a big draw, that would give us a little more leverage to get you on for a few shows this tour, but i can’t promise anything.”

Mixerman: “The guy is a frickin’ riot, and he’s unflappable!”

Mark Borchardt (American Movie): “I’ll drink a Pabst for you.”

Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad): “You poor motherfucker. You can quote me on that.”