Sonic Labs Interview, March 2007

Sonic Labs Interview, March 2007

Originally Printed in Sonic Labs Magazine, March 6, 2007

Fun is for humans who can’t think of anything important to do. Young humans are here to destroy the future of Earth with trivialities and superfluities. They follow orders by day, and they let loose at night by just wasting time with activities that someone else came up with. What they do is meaningless and non-creative. It is not Creation, it is Re-Creation, or what is called “recreation.” They engage in activities that millions of humans have already done. They go places others have already gone. These are pre-packaged family vacations which tell you which monument to stand by and snap a photo. There is no sense of adventure or discovery. These activities add absolutely zero value to society and nothing new is happening. I am here to save the future by helping young humans to understand that there are no long term returns to activities that are considered fun, e.g. gathering together and listening to painfully loud music, jumping up and down, posing in photos with alcoholic beverages. I have declared war on young humans because they don’t seem to understand how important things are and why they must not waste their time having fun. There is too much information available and we have a lot of material to cover before we can begin wasting that much time.

They should each be using their very own minds to determine what they should do… rather than a television, their peers, magazines, their parents, or their computers telling them what to do. The essence of individuality is that each person has their very own mind to perceive the universe and make judgments about the objects around them. If you surrender that ability and instead go to a rock concert or bar, then you have given up your own ability to be conscious. Drugs are considered cool, being stupid is considered cool. Young humans do not consider it cool or heroic to write a book, criticize those around you, or have a challenging conversation. What do I suggest? New things need to happen soon or the human race will die of boredom.

Music used to be reserved for grouchy old men who hid away in an attic, dedicating their lives to their craft and daring to create something beautiful and complex. It takes an incredible amount of work to develop the facility to compose the large scale works you have never bothered to listen to. These days it is all about young amateurs dancing about with musical instruments in their hands and making awful noises at such an intense volume that you cannot hear all of the mistakes they are making. They are just doing it to be popular. These kids have not practiced or even warmed up and can scarcely tune their instruments. It’s an uncoordinated and sloppy mess with little attention paid to harmonic structure. This is what the youth of today is presented with as Music, in the same way they are told that Coca Cola is food. It is lacking any real depth and it is mostly the same 3 chords over and over. And I’ll tell you why… because the fools realized that after learning the basic 3 chords they could already start playing them in front of crowds and being rewarded with intercourse, so they stopped advancing beyond that. Their lyrics are poor and vague and most of the focus is on their costumes, which is not saying much.

First of all, look at their perfectly messy hair which is all blown forward or to the side. How did it get like that? If they were all thinking for themselves, what are the odds that they would all end up with identical hairstyles? Their costumes are the same combination of nerdy glasses, beards, and sweaters or tight clothes and dyed black hair. If you attend one of their concerts, you will find most of their followers also have that same hairstyle and costumes.

All humans were born with a brain, just like each car on the 405 has a driver. The drivers all have the controls to turn left or right, to speed up or slow down. Most vehicles can go 100 miles per hour. Yet they are enslaved to the humans surrounding them and have no freedom and often only go 15 miles per hour. Being a free-thinker in society is like being stuck in a traffic jam. What is the purpose of having an engine, steering wheel, and gas pedal if all you are doing is pretending to be on a train, moving in the exact same direction and at the same speed as the hundreds of humans around you? It is absurd.

The employee mindset is that of turning yourself into a non-thinking machine or cog. You substitute someone else’s mind for yours in return for money. You are a follower and have no freewill. Why were you born with freewill if you are just going to do what someone else says all day? How many billions of humans are there on this planet, and how many of them are simply following the instructions that someone else made up? How many hours a day is that? How much creative potential is being thrown away? A lot. It’s a whole lot of minds not doing what minds were made for doing.

Let’s take a look at the structure of a typical public high school. You have 30 young humans sitting in rows of desks and those are called Students. At the front of the class you have one person called a Teacher. According to this model, one person is doing all of the work for 30 humans. Instead of learning new ideas and being led forward out of curiosity, the Students follow a curriculum… they just write down what the Teacher says and memorize it with the help of boring statistical books. It’s just data… you may as well be memorizing a phone book. It takes all of the creativity out of learning, and learning is very much a creative process. Lectures are enjoyable, but students need to take responsibility for their own education. They need to be inspired enough by the subject matter that they use their own steering wheel and gas pedal. Instead, they are told to sit back and just let someone else make all of their decisions for them, and soon they will have a secure job being told what to do. It’s a lot of mindlessness and it prepares the Students for a lifestyle of valuing financial safety over following their dreams. Not that they have any dreams…

I know you are thinking that the world would descend into complete chaos if everyone actually used their minds to explore life and make their own decisions. But what is usually considered to be independent choice is merely the selecting from options that are pre-determined by corporations, the government, family, or tradition. For example: Humans choose careers from a list, rather than inventing their own. That is not dynamic or alive. If humans used their own tools rather than relying on groupthink, they would have stunning advances in the arts and sciences. Humans would not waste so many natural resources, they would not be ingesting toxic waste, and they would come up with creative solutions for problems rather than ignoring them and believing someone else will eventually fix everything. It is actually quite easy to determine these things. Creative thought is a terrifying prospect for most humans because it requires going somewhere completely alone, and they are taught from an early age that doing something alone is bad. They have to be in a group, because that reassures them and makes them feel safe and able to earn enough money to pay for vacations. Things like masturbating, staying home on a Friday night and reading a book, running your own business, practicing an instrument while everyone else is out dancing, having dinner by yourself… it must mean there is something wrong with you! You must have been rejected from the tribe.

Adolescence is a time for young humans to rebel against their parents. Unfortunately, they are not rebelling against their peers or against popular media. “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me,” turns into, “Fuck you, I’ll do what my friends and the celebrities tell me.” Independent thought is not something that is encouraged from any prominent source and it is simply not celebrated. What is called rebellion is usually a pre-packaged, collective experience. Look at the protests in major cities: they are planned holidays where humans gather all at once to voice their anger… and then go back to work the next day like nothing happened. It’s the same mentality as a football game, with all the cheering and selling of concessions. I believe there should be a worldwide holiday: Independent Thinkers Day. In fact, I am going to be rolling out a whole series of Holidays that I will be celebrating. Probably alone in my spacecraft that orbits the moon.