Frequently Asked Question

Are you really a Doctor?
The correct spelling is D-O-K-T-O-R. This title comes from its usage in the Church of SubGenius. It is used to denote a devotee of the musical variety.

Why do not you come up with an original name? Why did you steal your name from a movie?
Zoltan is a popular Hungarian name probably related to the word, Sultan, meaning Leader. It is at least as old as the 10th century. And yes, a cult leader character by the name, Zoltan, does appear in the amazing pop culture movie, Dude, Where’s My Car?

What about Obelisk?
Obelisk is a Greek word and these tall monoliths represent Ra, the Sun God. These phallic structures are erected in the center of power. This makes a lot of sense, considering how powerful Dr. Zoltan is.

What is the Ø?
It is a speed bump, and resembles an Anti-Sign. Dr. Zoltan is against many things. From Wikipedia: To non-rhotic English speakers, the vowel it sounds most like is the vowel in “bird” or “hurt”. In Danish, Ø is its own word, meaning Island. On the Apple Macintosh operating system it can by typed by pressing the [Option] key then typing O or o, while using U.S. keyboard. On Microsoft Windows, using the “United States-International” keyboard setting, it can be typed by holding down the [Alt-Gr] key and pressing “L”. It can also be typed under any keyboard setting by holding down the [Alt] key while typing 0216 or 0248 on the numeric keypad, provided the system uses code page 1252 as system default.

Is there any other trivia regarding the name?
There is an obelisk in downtown Asheville, North Carolina dedicated to Zebulon Vance. The Zebulon Obelisk.