IMA was a mysterious band in St. Petersburg, FL in the early 90s.

Chris Sturgeon – Bass
Matt Simmons – Guitar
Bill Bowman – Drums

They influenced me quite a bit, playing music with such unusual grooves… sloppy and tricky at the same time. Confusing and fun. I first heard them opening for Victims Family, at the first concert I ever attended as a teenager. So, it was either them or Manic Dose that were the first rock band I saw play live.

I transferred some of their songs from cassette to Soundcloud.

A few IMA songs.

There is also a recording of a live IMA show on Bandcamp (although the quality is not amazing, you hear many songs that were never released)!

Here they are playing in 2006, at random, at SXSW.

IMA performs Velvet at SXSW.

There are some details about them at Screw Music Forever, which seems to be some sort of label.

And is an old Music Players Magazine I have from 1993, with them on the cover, plus an article. You can click on the images below to enlarge them in a new window.