The Mysterious Octopus!

This is a half-hour animated TV show pilot that never got produced. It was my first show creation project that I worked on with an old friend in 2008. It got put on hold — and I eventually updated it with some new character designs by Lance Myers and a new script in 2011. I still love the artwork and some of the ideas!

Gunthergary Goldenrod!


The year is 2600 A.D.

All cockroaches on Earth have vanished as of six days ago. A giant, ominous ship in the shape of a cockroach returns to Earth. In only 6 days, without their natural Human predators, the “Blattarians” have progressed six centuries. They are capable of telepathy, shape-shifting, curing any disease, and are biologically immortal.

A mad scientist named Dr. Cornelius Quazarkog has released a series of late-night informercials, recruiting a low-rent team of cosplayers. The heroes meet at his top-secret base, The Mysterious Octopus – where they will be trained to confront The Blattarians.


Read the pilot episode: Galactastar Blattaria.


Created & Written by Carl King.
Co-Created by Michael Elliott.
Character & Ship Illustrations by Lance Myers.

Music by Stephen Cox:


The Mysterious Octopus was the name of a movie I wanted to make when I was 7-years-old. In 2008, I decided to turn it into an animated show concept — and a collection of four scripts were written with my old friend, Michael Elliott. In 2011, I re-imagined the concept and rewrote the pilot episode script.