Ween Interview – 1998

This article was originally published by INK19 in August 1998. Photo by Danny Clinch.

by Ed Furniture

I don’t know why the publicist put me on the phone with some guy named Aaron, but he was really boring and didn’t have much to say about Ween. I think he might have been a roadie or something, ‘cuz he sure seemed irritated that I was asking him questions. I didn’t see him in the credits on the new double-disc live album, Paintin’ the Town Brown, but I’m not the kind of person to turn down a phone interview with someone claiming to be involved with the legendary Ween.

Q: Hello?

Aaron : Hey.

Q: So what’s goin’ on?

A: Nothing.

Q: How many interviews are you doin’?

A: I don’t know. This is the second one today.

Q: Only the second?

A: Yeah. Not many.

Q: That’s pretty good then.

A: Yeah.

Q: Gettin’ asked stupid questions?

A: Yeah, well, it’s OK.

Q: Anything SCARY?

A: What’s that?

Q: Any SCARY questions?

A: Nah, no…we’ve only done one. That’s fine. Nice bitter interview. It’s the bitter interview day.

Q: OK.


Q: So I had just gotten that live album today, finally.

A: Oh yeah? Cool.

Q: I got most of the way through the first disc.

A: Is there a way to turn up the volume on this thing? Is this up full blast? Oh, excellent. Hello?


A: Are you there?

Q: Yep.

A: OK.


Yeah, say something.


A: OK, you’re a little louder. OK.

Q: So you are you doing a…tour…now? You’re coming down to Florida?

A: We’re gonna come down to Florida. I think we’re playin Orlando or something. We’re not playing Jacksonville, I know that. Cuz our drummer got his shoes stolen last time. We played at the Milk Bar.

Q: Never been there.

A: Yeah, kinda sucked actually. Not to burn bridges or anything. We actually got lactated on.

Q: By who?

A: This girl in the front row, she lactated all over us. It was pretty intense.

Q: Like real stuff?

A: Yeah, man. She’s like, “Yeah, Ween!” We got on stage and she whipped out her tit and started squirting milk all over us.

Q: That’s crazy.

A: Totally. And then Claude, our drummer, had this real nice pair of Australian boots. And somebody stole them off the stage.


Q: So look…um…


Q: Some guy moved down here in 1992, and said he was in Ween, and stole all our girlfriends.

A: [uninterested] Oh yeah?

Q: Said his name was Drake or Derek. And he was pretty popular, and convinced everybody he was in Ween.

A: [annoyed] Drake or Derek?

Q: He said he sang on The Pod , and I was like…I don’t think this guy is in Ween.

A: I don’t know, those were kind of hazy times.

Q: So you guys are at least getting some promotion from him, driving around to different towns.

A: [bored] That’s nice.


Q: OK, boring questions. What are you guys listening to?

A: C.C. Deville.

Q: Oh, yeah? Is he WITH Poison now?

A: I think he went back to Poison, yeah. But he’s also working on his solo project.

Q: Did that album ever come out with Blues Saraceno?

A: I don’t know. I’m not sure. I don’t have any of his records. I’m just listening to him. Pretty into C.C. Deville right now. That guy rules.

Q: Have you heard any of the Kip Winger; his solo stuff?

A: No, I haven’t.

Q: I heard that he’s going pretty heavy orchestral.

A: [sarcastic] That’s great.


Q: So where were you guys sleeping on the ’93 tour?

A: Was that the Pod tour?

Q: I think that was Pure Guava .

A: Guava? I think at that point we were in like, cheap motels.

Q: So you were actually affording motels back then?

A: Yeah, actually when we were in Tampa I was sleeping with this girl there. I got a lot of action in Florida.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah, I always managed to hook up in Florida.

Q: It’s probably that guy Drake, setting you up. I took some of the girls he got up to your show, just after he left town, and they were like, “Wow, we get to see his band, finally!”

A: Hahaha!

Q: And then he wasn’t there.

A: Awesome. Well, you’ll have to point him out to me when we come down there. Where are YOU from?

Q: Venice.


Q: Old people town.

A: [snappy, as if he knows a damn thing about Venice] Yeah, right.

Q: My hair is even grey now.

A: So is mine.

Q: So what was the thing with Harrison Ford; was that true?

A: Yes.

Q: Where was that?

A: That was at a restaurant, at home.

Q: That’s interesting.

A: It was, it was very interesting.

Q: He’s got grey hair now.

A: I’m sure he does.

Q: What do you think of college?

A: COLLEGE? [as in, ‘where the hell did that question come from?’]

Q: Yeah.

A: I think it can be a good thing, college.

Q: How about MP3’s?

A: MP3’s are cool, I’ve got a bunch of ’em.

Q: How big is your studio now, what do you have in there?

A: Actually it’s all in storage. We’ve got a little setup. Actually after we did Chocolate & Cheese , we went out and bought a bunch of shit. We got a 16-track tape deck, a board, and some compressors, basic stuff. But we actually don’t have it set up. Last time we had it set up was in Long Beach Island. In the Spring.

Q: What are you guys riding around in on this tour?

A: On this tour coming up, we’ve got a tour bus.

Q: Nice vehicle?

A: Yeah, we got a tour bus.

Q: How many people does that hold?

A: There’s gonna be like…1,2,3,4,5 in the band, the roadie, the tour manager, merchandiser, so there’s gonna be like 8 of us…a friend, Mean Ween’s coming, 9.

Q: I think that kid said he was Mean Ween.

A: No. That kid sounds like a poser.

Q: But he’s working for you though, independently!

A: I have no idea…

Q: He’s helping you out!

A: I have no idea. [sarcastic] That’s great. [silence] It holds about 45 people, this bus.

Q: Yeah?

A: Yeah.

Q: That’s good. Sardines. Are you bringing an opener [you know, a can opener] along?

A: No, we’ve got an opener for the second half of the tour. Called Queens of the Stone Age. [speaking in tongues] Kiasbigias.

Q: So I was washing dishes a while back, and uh… Chocolate & Cheese . Those are the two hardest things to get off dishes.

A: [total silence, bored] Great, man.

Q: It’s true. And actually someone else who washed dishes at the same place with me thought of the same thing. So now you know that.

A: [silence] OK.

Q: And…


Q: …that’s about all I can think of.

A: That’s great, dude.

Q: Unless you read any books? Do you read books?

A: [chuckling] Is this the interview?

Q: Yeah!

A: How old are you?

Q: I am 23.

A: 23, OK. Do you listen to Ween?

Q: Oh, yeah.

A: OK. What? Do I read books?

Q: Yeah.

A: Sometimes.

Q: What books?

A: What was the last book I read…[pause]…shit…I don’t remember…[pause]… Island of the Colorblind .

Q: What’s that?

A: I don’t know, some book about these two psychiatrists who go to an island in the South Pacific where everyone is colorblind and do a study on them.

Q: Do a lot of the girls you hook up with read books?

A: I don’t know. I’m getting married in August.

Q: Uh-Oh.

A: Yeah.


I never really asked any of the girls that I hooked up with if they read many books.

Q: Hmmm…I’ve run into a lot of girls that read books.

A: [sarcastic] That’s cool, man.


Very scary.


Q: Alright.

A: Alright dude!

Q: Oh, wait, I have one more big question here. What’s the biggest disaster you ever had on stage?

A: I pooped my pants.

Q: Did you have to stop the show?

A: No.

Q: OK, thanks.

A: See ya, man! [click.]